Card Fortress For Developers

PCI Compliance for developers can be very expensive. If you use the card once and don't store the data, then you are safe, but for the customer it can be annoying, and recurring transactions are out the window. For many developers, the choice is to use PayPal and rely on the user to set up a recurring transaction. In the end though, it ends up being more expensive for the merchant, more difficult for the user, and a potential source of error. In the end, there hasn't been an elegant, compatible, PCI solution - until now...

Card Fortress is a card storage, gateway proxy solution. We provide service that improves security, portability and simplifies the credit card process.

By storing the payment information on the Card Fortress system, the merchant has a very low PCI compliance cost. If their application is compromised, there is simply no payment data to be stolen. Even with a man in the middle attack, a thief could not retrieve payment information.

Card Fortress supports over 50 different gateways and that number is growing. If a customer is offered a better rate, a few configuration settings in Card Fortress will redirect the traffic to the new gateway. Using proprietary token systems, the data has to be exported and then imported into the new gateway. The effort required results in suck high switching costs, that the merchant is locked in, potentially missing opportunities to save on merchant fees.

We manage the gateway interaction so that as a developer, you only have to implement a single interface to support more than 50 different gateways. The merchant is our customer, so adding new gateways is in our best interest as it just opens up new pools of customers to us. As a developer, you just don't have to worry about it. Another problem for application developers is that he token systems are not standardized, so implementing each different token system requires a significant level of effort. Many developers are throwing their hands in the air and "just using Paypal."

Card Fortress allows developers to provide a flexible PCI compliant solution without forcing the merchant into a specific gateway. It provides a simple API for managing the transactions so that by implementing a single interface, applications can work with over 50 different gateways, and id does it at a reasonable cost to the merchant and no cost to the developer.