Card Fortress For Merchants

PCI compliance is a multi-billion dollar industry. The rules are complex, and while many merchants can comply just by following best practices, it is expensive to have an auditor verify that those practices are being followed. The fines are pretty steep, and if a merchant is compromised they can get the modern-day equivalent of the black spot, essentially ensuring that they can never get a merchant account again.

To help merchants to be PCI compliant, a number of gateways are offering a PCI token process. However, to switch gateways you need to get a copy of all of your payment information. Once you have that, you will need to update all of your tokens and import the data. As there is not currently a token standard, this can be time consuming and expensive. Essentially once you choose a gateway, you're stuck. The cost to migrate will almost always outweigh the savings. Some gateways are unwilling to even return your payment data to you if you want to switch.

Card Fortress solves both of these problems. First, by using Card Fortress, your PCI scope is significantly reduced. You will not store any credit cards, and you cannot retrieve the card from the system*. You can still process authorizations, refunds, and captures, just as if you had the card. However, if your site were compromised, the payment information would simply not be there for thieves to steal. You can sign the PCI compliance form with confidence.

Second, Card Fortress has support for over 50 different payment gateways. If you need to switch gateways or merchant accounts, it is a simple matter of changing a few configuration settings. This way, you are able to get the best rates without oppressive switching costs. It gives you the freedom to choose your card processor for your needs now and switch if those needs change.

Card Fortress solves the issues of PCI compliant storage and merchant account lock-in. It also provides a simple API for communicating with over 50 different payment gateways, which leads to a very low cost of implementation. It is clearly the best choice for securing your payment data.

* It is still your data, so you can request an export of your payment data.